Achieving Calm And Tranquillity During Lockdown

Achieving Calm And Tranquillity During Lockdown

This year has forced us to spend more time than ever in our homes. It has highlighted the importance of our health and our wellbeing, and above all, it’s made us change the way we live. Lockdown hasn’t been an easy time, and now we are in the midst of another, looking after ourselves both mentally and physically is more important than ever.

More than one-third of adults in the UK have said the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted their wellbeing, and a shocking 19 million adults reported high levels of anxiety. While we know finding zen and peace during this worrying time isn’t easy, it is important to find little areas of happiness at home. We want everyone to achieve calm and tranquillity during the lockdown, and we hope these tips can go a long way in helping you to enjoy more calm.


Inbox Infinity


Last year, worldwide email traffic exceeded 293 billion emails every day, and that is set to be even higher in 2020 with more people swapping their offices for home. Keeping up with emails, both business and personal, can be a serious source of stress.

During lockdown, many workers feel as though they need to be constantly working because they are no longer visiting their usual workplace. If you find yourself continuously checking your inbox, then embrace inbox infinity.

Inbox infinity is the idea that you will always have an infinite number of emails in your inbox, and that is okay. Eliminate the guilt of ignoring or deleting some emails, and only deal with the ones that are truly necessary.


Breathe Deeply


Breathe Deeply



Breathing is the key to life. We all do it, all day and all night, but the truth is, we often aren’t breathing properly. We breathe on average 22,000 times a day, but most of these breaths are shallow and short.

Author of ‘And Breathe: The Complete Guide to Conscious Breathing for Health and Happiness’ Rebecca Dennis, says that “we’re born with the ability to breathe properly.” She goes on to explain how babies and children breathe deeply, expanding and flattening their tummies with every breathe.

By adulthood, many of us become too busy to breathe deeply. Taking these short, shallow breaths can lead to anxiety, stress, sleep problems and tension. Spend a bit of time every day during lockdown to pay close attention to your breathing.


Perfect Your Happy Place


Your home should be your happy place even when you aren’t confined to it. If your space isn’t filling you with delight, then it’s time to change things up. You will never achieve calm and tranquillity during lockdown if your home is making you blue. A few ways to perfect your happy place include;


Keep Everything In Order


Keep everything in order



Spend a bit of time every morning or evening getting everything just as you like it. Tidy things away, give everything a quick clean and pay particular attention to high touch areas like door handles and light switches.


Let The Light In


Natural daylight works wonders for your mood and general wellbeing. It can relieve stress, ease tension and leave you feeling relaxed, as well as bringing lots of health benefits. Open up the curtains and blinds in the morning, and let the daylight work it's magic.




Our homes are full of distractions and gadgets that can bring us down and stress us out without even noticing. Turn off everything that you aren’t using and unplug devices you don’t use very often. Take a bit of time each day to just unplug and detox from the digital world. Switching off is a matter of saving your energy, both literally and spiritually.