How to Achieve the Highest Quality of Sleep

How to Achieve the Highest Quality of Sleep

We spend a third of our life sleeping, so it is really important that we are able to get the best quality sleep possible. It is recommended that adults should get between 7 and 9 hours of sleep per night. A lack of sleep or poor-quality sleep can lead to fatigue and tiredness which can have a negative effect on your daily life. Thankfully, there are many things that can help us get the highest quality of sleep, allowing us to feel replenished and ready to go the next day.


Winding Down Before Bed

 Setting your own wind down routine to follow before getting into bed can really improve the quality of your sleep. Relaxing before you get into bed can be the perfect way of winding down and being in a relaxed state makes it easier to fall asleep. Winding down and relaxing can involve avoiding stimulants such as caffeine whilst also putting down any electronics with a blue light screen.


One way of winding down before bed is through light exercises such as yoga. Getting into the routine of practising yoga regularly before going to bed can help you fall asleep easier and achieve a higher quality of sleep. Yoga can be therapeutic for both your mind and body, allowing you a mental and physical release before going to sleep.


Another option is to run yourself a warm bath. It has been proven that having a warm bath, ideally 90 minutes before going to bed, can allow you to fall asleep faster than normal. Having a warm bath is also a well-known form of relaxation and can leave you feeling tranquil and ready to sleep. So, run yourself a warm bath, get into some comfortable nightwear and get ready to go to sleep!


Make your bedroom sleep friendly 


Make Your Bedroom Sleep Friendly

Making certain adjustments to your bedroom and how you prepare to sleep can have an impact on the quality of sleep you get. Light pollution can really affect your quality of sleep, so it can be beneficial to block out as much light as possible whilst you go to sleep. Blackout blinds for your bedroom windows are one option or alternatively, an eyemask can improve your quality of sleep.


Noise pollution can also be an issue which affects your quality of sleep. Having double glazed windows will help to keep more noise out, but if this is not an option, sleeping with ear plugs in can be a solution.



Be Comfortable in Bed

Ensuring your bed can provide the optimum level of comfort for you can help you achieve better quality sleep. A good quality mattress is an essential as you want to be as comfortable as possible whilst going to sleep. It can also be important to make sure your head rests as comfortably as it can, so getting a silk pillow case can help to improve your quality of sleep.


Having high quality bedding can also provide you with a better sleeping experience. Here at Bulan, we are launching our own luxury bedding which will provide you with maximum comfort whilst you sleep. Be sure to check back with us in the coming months for the launch of the luxury bedding!