How to Create your Perfect Bedroom

How to Create your Perfect Bedroom

Your bedroom is your very own personal space, so you need to ensure you are happy with it and that it makes you feel calm and puts you in a positive mental state. Restructuring or redesigning your bedroom to suit your needs can give you a feeling of tranquillity and will leave you feeling happy every time you wake up on a morning. If you aren’t sure how to improve your bedroom, keep reading this guide for some tips and suggestions. 


Create a Pleasant Atmosphere

Create a Pleasant Atmosphere 

It’s important that your bedroom has a warm and relaxing atmosphere, and one way of doing this is by spreading a nice aroma. To achieve this, you can light a scented candle or use incense sticks depending on your preferred scent. Alternatively to lighting anything, you can use a reed diffuser which will also spread a soothing scent throughout your room. Having the perfect aroma can help transform your bedroom into a sanctuary where you can feel positive and at peace.  


Comfortable Selection of Nightwear

To go hand in hand with a pleasant atmosphere, you need to have a comfortable selection of nightwear to choose from to really feel at ease in your bedroom. Fluffy slippers, cosy pyjamas and a luxury cotton robe are always must-haves for your nightwear collection. Getting comfortable nightwear on and settling down in your bedroom after a long day’s work can give you that much needed relaxing feeling.


Comfortable Selection of Nightwear 

Organise and Declutter

If you have a lot of things and nowhere to put it all it can be overwhelming and leave you feeling stressed. Decluttering your bedroom will leave you with more physical and mental space, as well as allowing you to organise your room better. Decluttering will also make your bedroom more easily manageable and help you to remain organised.


Add Extra Pillows

If you only have one or two pillows, it can leave your bed looking unappealing whilst also not being optimal for a good night’s sleep! Depending on the size of your bed, you should aim to add between two and six pillows to provide you with that extra comfort. It can also be worth using a silk pillow case to maximise the feeling of comfort and to add a touch of luxury to your bed set up.


Nice Bedding

Your bedding of choice can make or break your bedroom in terms of style, and it also plays a huge part in how comfortable you are when you get into bed. If luxury bedding sounds appealing to you, then be sure to regularly check in with us here at Bulan, as we have our own luxurious bedding line launching very soon!


Use a Mattress Topper

Getting a mattress topper to add an extra layer of comfort to your bed can help to improve the quality of sleep you get. Using a mattress topper also helps protect your actual mattress and will keep it in good condition for a longer period of time.


Have a Nightstand  

Having a small table or stand within arm’s reach of your bed is always a great addition to any bedroom. A nightstand gives you room to put a small lamp next to your bed which can provide more relaxing lighting as you settle down for the night. A nightstand also gives you an area to keep items you might want close by, such as the book you are reading, an alarm clock and your phone.


Have a Seating Space 

It can be a good idea to have a seating area in your room, as this will provide you with an alternative area to relax or can be used as an area of productivity. It’s been reported that you should only use your bed for sleep and intimacy, as other uses can disrupt your sleeping pattern.