How to Treat Yourself with a Luxury Night In

How to Treat Yourself with a Luxury Night In

If you are feeling stressed out or are craving some self-relaxation, a luxury night in could be just what you need. 


It’s always important to take some time for yourself. Treating yourself to a relaxing night in can help refocus your mind and benefit your wellbeing.


You might be wondering how to approach a luxury night in, but not to worry! We have you covered in this guide!


Create a blissful atmosphere 

Create a Blissful Atmosphere

It’s amazing how a delightful aroma can make you feel. If you have ever visited a spa, you’ll have noticed how the pleasant scents really add to the calming atmosphere.


It’s possible to create a similar sort of relaxing atmosphere in your own home. Lighting a candle can help to fill the room with natural scents that create a blissful atmosphere. The scent of candles can be combined with a diffuser, which release fresh fragrance bursts to really leave the perfect aroma in your room.


Run a Warm Bath

The benefits of having a bath are well documented, hot water immersion can help to reduce inflammation and control blood sugar levels. Filling up a warm bath with some nice bubbles and treating yourself to a glass of wine, or a drink of your choice, can really help create a state of tranquillity and allow you to relax.


After your bath, it’s time to get into something comfortable. Our hydro cotton robes are the perfect thing to wear after a long relaxing soak. The hydro cotton provides a super soft feel that keeps you warm whilst allowing you to dry quicker.


Perform Your Favourite Skincare Routine

As you are winding down, it is time to perform your favourite skincare routine. It’s a good idea to start off with a facial cleanser to remove your make up. Your pores should be open after having a warm bath, which makes it the best time to use a toner – which helps to get rid of excess oils and dirt from the deeper levels of your skin.


Applying a face mask is always a good idea when it comes to winding down and relaxing! They help to hydrate your skin whilst unclogging your pores. Face masks can be extra therapeutic as they do the work whilst you sit back and relax. Once you’re done with your facemask, rub in the excess liquid and then lock in the hard work with your favourite moisturiser!


You can finish off your routine by doing your nails and applying some hand cream, leaving you ready to get in to bed.



Get into Your Freshly Made Bed

Now comes for the best part! A good night’s sleep is one of the best things for your mind and body, so it’s important that you get the best quality of sleep possible. Putting on fresh bedding will allow you to fully relax and having a comfortable headrest can really help improve your quality of sleep. Our silk pillow cases draw in no moisture, which allows you to feel the full effects of your pre-bed skincare routine. You should now hopefully be feeling fully tranquil and ready to sleep. Once you have sank your head into your pillow, we recommend putting on a silk eye mask, allowing you to drift off into sweet dreams.