Scented Candles Offer Escape To Normality In Lockdown

Scented Candles Offer Escape To Normality In Lockdown

The humble candle has been around for thousands of years, and we often use them to find some zen and tranquillity at the end of a hard day. As we find ourselves trying to navigate our way around the Coronavirus pandemic, that sense of relaxation is more important than ever.

There is the worry of becoming unwell and losing loved ones, as well as the stress of financial hardship that is having a huge impact on our everyday lives. With nearly half of Britons experiencing ‘high level’ anxiety during lockdown, any kind of escape from the daily realities is welcome.

As the journey continues to find comfort in our homes and create our true happy place within our own four walls, more and more of us are turning our attention to scented candles.


A change of scenery


A Change Of Scenery


The normality of lockdown life can get too much for many of us, causing us to find little ways to escape for a while. The amount of time spent watching TV has risen by almost one-third this year. This is as people use their favourite shows and movies as an outlet from the mundane realities of lockdown.

While we can’t get a true change of scenery, there are various things we can do to catch a glimpse of our usual lifestyle. Watching TV has been a popular pastime for many. However, it isn’t the most tranquil or healthy option. Getting lost in a good book or whisked away by a podcast are a few other ways to escape to normality in lockdown.

Scented candles can bring you back to normal life by invigorating and reminding your senses. The memory-inducing power of scent is impressive. A nostalgic smell can bring back a whole host of memories. Whether you long for the crisp smell of a log fire burning, the tranquil sea air or sweet springtime flowers; a scented candle can take you there.

As we use our homes for sleeping, working, eating and everything in between, scented candles are the must-have accessory to break things up. With scent, you can create home zones with different energies. For example, invigorating citrus scents can help in work environments. Alternatively, jasmine and lavender can be soothing and relaxing in sleep settings.


More Than Just A Luscious Scent


Scented candle sales have surged by 130% this year. Many people are beginning to realise the way our homes smell is more important now than ever before. Before lockdown, the most popular candle scents included those that reminded us of far-flung destinations and sweet holidays.

Now, we are looking for scents that transport us closer to home and back to the normalities of life. A scented candle in your home is much more than just a luxurious accessory on your coffee table; it is a tool for a healthy mind and all-round wellbeing. Therapist Chryssa Chalkia says that it’s; “scientifically proven that scented candles play an essential role in the physiological effects of mood, stress, working capacity and overall mental health.”.

Different scents can trigger hormones in our brains. They help us to feel relaxed, happy and calm. Popular candle aromas offer different feelings, and you can use them to help with various aspects of your lockdown days. Minty candles can enhance focus, wake up your brain and improve memory. This makes them perfect for your working space. If you are feeling anxious or suffering from stress during the pandemic, then chamomile, lemon and rosemary-scented candles are the best choices.

Not only do scented candles help to transport you away from the struggle of lockdown life, but they can also be the perfect final touches to your happy place at home. The flickering glow of candlelight can make all the difference to your mood and focus. Finding zen and tranquillity in your own home during lockdown is essential for your wellbeing. Furthermore, it is often the little details – like a candle - that complete it.