Meet the founder

Meet the founder


You know that little voice that tells you to start your own business, to follow your dream?
Well, mine got louder.
After fashion college at Condé Nast and two years in London fashion PR, I trained as an interior designer. Working in interior design for three years gave me the skills and experience to help people design their happy place, whatever that looks like.
Always, in the back of my mind, was the idea of an interiors brand, where design and quality come first. I imagined a brand I would love to buy from… a trusted brand, with products that look and feel (almost) too fantastic to use, so that 'you-time' can be anytime you choose… A brand with a shopping experience to make you smile from the first online click.
There were countless 'Flip Chart Sundays' with my fiancé (way more fun than they sound) followed by G&T debriefs in the pub (just as fun as they sound).


To start in the bedroom. Stop it, cheeky! A debut product range focused on the bedroom experience, with everything you need to sleep brilliantly, every night.
Because, if you can enjoy a great night’s sleep (the ultimate luxury) then you can conquer the world – each new day at a time.
Bulan was born.



Let me tell you a story.
The name is a tribute to my wonderful mum. Our precious mother-daughter bond is one luxury that money cannot buy. Mum is my biggest cheerleader, one of my closest friends, always a trusted confidant and, whenever we can find the time, a favourite ‘Friday champagne’ buddy.
Cuddles with mum often end with a whispered, “love you to the moon and back”. My mum’s British but she was born in Borneo and can speak Malay.
Bulan means moon in Malay.
Bulan. Moon. Love.
Bulan - products we love to take you to the moon…. and back. With a smile.