Ways to Repurpose a Candle Vessel

Ways to Repurpose a Candle Vessel

In a world where so much of what we use is disposable, it’s essential to reuse, repurpose or recycle anything that we can. Although it may not seem like much, even reusing household items such as bottles, clothing and candle vessels can be more eco-friendly. Thankfully, we’ve got plenty of ideas for how you can repurpose empty candle vessels!

If you have bought a lovely luxury candle in a nice jar, why would you want to throw it away? With these simple repurpose ideas, you won’t have to! Of course, you should ensure that your candle vessels are empty and cleaned out before repurposing them.


Plant Pots

Whether you want to plant lilies, roses or fern – candle vessels can make ideal small plant pots! Just fill up to half of the vessel with pebbles and then add in your small plant. These small plants can bring any room to life, and the benefit of them being so small is that they can be easily moved!


Pencil Pots

If you’re often finding loose pens or pencils lying around, this may be the perfect idea for repurposing your candle vessel. Using a vessel as a pencil pot can provide you with a convenient holder for all your loose stationary.


Bathroom Storage


Bathroom Storage

There are plenty of different bathroom items that can be stored inside old candle vessels. If you are always knocking your toothbrush over on the sink, then repurposing your candle vessel as a toothbrush holder can be a great idea! Alternatively, it can be used to store cream sachets and face masks.


Tea Bags

Candle vessels can make for much more attractive looking tea bag holders. If you have a half full box of teabags, it can be a good idea to recycle the box and then use your old candle vessel to store the remaining tea bags. This is likely to take up less space, and lets you get good usage out of your old candle.


Make Up Holders

 Whether you have lots of make up brushes that need a home, or just need a place to store all your everyday make up – old candle vessels make brilliant make up holders! If your beauty station is starting to feel cluttered, this can provide a way to neatly store your make up.


Create a Mini Terrarium

 A mini terrarium is essentially a tiny garden or landscape that is kept inside a small container. They make for excellent decoration, and can really help you to express your creativity. Candle vessels can be perfect containers for mini terrariums as you can easily move them into or away from sunlight. You can design your terrarium however you want, as long as you have some form of greenery and some soil then you are good to go!

Here are just six ideas to get you started, however, old candle vessels can be used hundreds of ways! So, if none of these uses appeal to you, get creative and repurpose your old candle vessels in whatever way you desire.